Welcome to our global community of mission driven healthy living ambassadors, agents, and agency owners. We invite you to discover alignment in what you seek. Our mission is to aspire healthy living, leading, and ownership around the world.  See if Our Manifesto resonates with you.


LIFESTYLE:  We play in a sandbox of health & results, impact & income, independence & community, mastery & discovery, purpose & play, and character & contribution.  LEADERSHIP:  We lead across 3 industries.  Momentum is on our side. Tried, proven and built to last... for you.  ENTERPRISE:  Own your income: Profits > Wages.  We are the most prolific 5, 6, & 7 figure (#1099) income earners in health food.

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…all breakthroughs begin with a change in belief

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Our Health Food PARTNER

  • Pioneer and leader of plant powders and oils and vertical aeroponics.

  • Fastest growing products, globally, in their categories.

  • Most widely consumed products, of their kind, in the world.

  • One of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

  • Kids receive FREE product (via largest health study of its kind).

  • The most clinically research, peer reviewed, and published health food products.


You have to work really hard to make your thinking clean and to keep it simple. But it is worth it because when you get there you can move mountains. Steve Jobs

...healthy, free enterprise is a cornerstone of the American Dream


Agents & Agency

Like real estate, insurance, and sports agents or marketing, modeling and digital agencies, we enable Health Food Agents & Agencies. Agents have no high start-up costs, no production or purchase rules and no territories. Agency owners profit share with agents and receive a full corporate benefits package.

Health Food Agents and Agencies represent one of the most successful health food companies in the world.  For agents, compensation is based on building their own customer base.  For agency owners it is based on building a successful team of agents. We will help guide and mentor you on creating your own successful businesses.  Your earning capacity has no restrictions and you can build your business at your own pace.

Income ranges are shown below.  Whether you choose to do a little or a lot, we welcome you. Most agents start by building enduring side income.  Agents who choose to can build an agency and grow income beyond their own abilities.  Agency owners (working part-time) can earn full-time income with benefits. Here are some agent videos, in their own words: Health Food Agent Pro stories.


Health food agent income


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