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Welcome! We look forward to a simple, joyful, and built-to-last relationship with you. As potential partners, we invite you to connect and interview us! Who you lock arms can amplify your success. We live in Denver, CO and are proud parents of three daughters. We have worked with medical, health, fitness, and athletic professionals for over 15 years. However, moms on a mission are the most powerful and dangerous in a really great way.

Toni and Jeff bring twenty years of experience as healthy living ambassadors, agents, and agency owners. They have pioneered and lead an international team of health food agents. Our tribe: and your partner:

Toni Olson bio: Co-founder, Healthy Living Agency. She is a health coach and international marketing director with the Juice PLUS+ Company. She is a two-time Elton Award nominee and featured “Mom on a Mission” on product, business and Children's Health Study videos. Toni's passion is to help people take responsibility for their own health, wealth and vitality. More specifically, Toni loves helping parents get their families eating well. Toni says, “Health is a learned skill and one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the gift of health.” Prior, Toni served as international sales and marketing director for the Park City Chamber of Commerce. Also, Toni worked for the United States Olympic Committee, in France, during the 1992 Winter Olympic Games (where she and Jeff met). Prior, she helped coordinate international conferences for Tufts University in Talloires, France. Toni received a double degree from Tufts University; International Relations and Nutrition. In addition, she is a certified health coach and wellness educator. View more:

Jeff Olson bio: Co-founder, Healthy Living Agency. Former professional athlete, Wall Street, and technology careers. Now, a #DadOnAMission. Sports. Money. Tech. Health. Basically, I was transport for testosterone in my 20s and 30s. Overtraining ended my professional athletic career. Ambition drove me to Wall Street. Desire, to win fast, sucked me into technology. I made money, lost money, built character and learned humility. I came to realize having a boss and being an employee didn’t work for me. A mentor taught me a better way. At that point, I knew what I wanted, however, my blindspots gave me plenty of learning. I was humbled, in great ways. Today, as a 1099 (healthy living) agency owner with a full benefits package… I count my blessing every day. My job is to pay it forward. Philanthropically, I serve on the council of directors for Dr. David Katz's True Health Initiative and the Heuga Center Endowment. You can Google and view my two TED talks (An Olympic Why and Victory Gardens). #BeABlessing #BetterTogether #OwnIt View More: and personal site:

Jeff Olson delivering a keynote close.



possibility occurs in a conversation.

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Click on image and learn about creating #LEVERAGE

Click on image and learn about creating #LEVERAGE

Creating LEVERAGE in The Gig PLUS+ Economy?

Leverage 1.JPG

Empowering average people to earn an above-average income is a cornerstone of the American Dream. We help them work smart by creating income LEVERAGE. Here are some of our musings on stacking the deck in your favor. #CreateLEVERAGE

Slide 27 (2).jpeg



The #1 characteristic of wealth is business ownership. Most never start a business because they think you need a lot of money, time, skills and a great idea… We invite you to consider this is an illusion. #WeAreProven

Slide 28 (3).jpeg



Land-Labor-Capital create old-school leverage. New school leverage includes social media which amplifies Community (like land = location, location, location), Technology (labor that does more with less), and Partnerships (capital) that create collaborative profits. #BetterTogether

Slide 25 (5).jpeg



HEALTHCARE: $2+ Trillion/yr

FOOD: $1.5+ Trillion/yr

WELLNESS: $1+ Trillion/yr

$4.5 trillion U.S. ($9.5T globally) #BigEnoughPie?

Slide 33 (1).jpeg



Gigs have income glass ceilings. You exchange time for money. Gig PLUS+ work has advantages and offers greater income ability, direct mentorship, a collegial community, and a benefits package that includes health insurance. #MoreUpside

Slide 6 (6).jpeg



1. You & your offerings add value. 2. Raving fan customers of consumable offerings. 3. Sustainably recurring business is money (i.e. hygienic daily habits) 4. Has a capacity to grow income beyond yourself 5. Your work makes a difference in the world. #Retention

Slide 14 (2).jpeg



You can be an agent and generate ME money. Owning an agency creates WE money. We invite you to do both with us. Be an agent and ageny owner. #1099Agency

Slide 41.jpeg



There is a science to financial success. But there is an art to fulfillment. #BraveHeartsWelcome

Slide 72.jpeg



To make money and make a difference… Grow your capacity for the world and translate your passion to people. #PlayBigger

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Many call us the Apple Inc. of health food. We have pioneered and remain the global leader in 5 areas. 1,2,3,4,5 reasons to connect and learn more. We are unique and worth knowing. #simple #think #different

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Jeff Olson, RLT is a tried and proven mentor to GEN X, Y, & Z for over 15+ years. Prior to the Healthy Living Agency he was a professional athlete, worked on Wall Street and in technology. All that said, he was humbled by this Gig PLUS’s disregard for one’s past. Jeff says, “I’m blessed by mentors and get to pay it forward”.

1. All possibility begins in a conversation. #Connect

2. Breakthroughs begin with a change in belief. An adventure of discovery. #Education

3. When I began I was intellectually ignorant, had illusions of knowledge, and didn’t know what I didn’t know. There is big leverage in revealing #Blindspots.

4. Life, liberty, and pursuit is always #BetterTogether.

Partners: Jeff & Toni intro

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Why are Enzymes Important? Plant Powders vs. Multi

Plant Powders vs Multivitamin.PNG

Enzymes help speed up chemical reactions in the human body. They bind to molecules and alter them in specific ways. They are essential for respiration, digesting food, muscle and nerve function, among thousands of other roles. Enzymes speed up (catalyze) chemical reactions; in some cases, enzymes can make a chemical reaction millions of times faster than it would have been without it.

In short, enzymes play a huge part in the day-to-day running of the human body. By binding to and altering compounds, they are vital for the proper functioning of the digestive system, the nervous system, muscles, and much, much more.

The video below shows what “Enzymes” do to food and in our body. This head to head test put our brand name plant powders up against a traditional multi-vitamin. Imagine these results in your body compounded over time. #FoodConditioning #MatterMatters

A breif introduction to the body of efficacy on our plant powders below.

published efficacy plant powders.png
Food Conditioning flyer collage.PNG

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IIN GRAD PANEL: Simple. Brave. Income.


These health coaches realized greater impact & income by making one simple change. They believe goods & services is good business. Blindspots are things you don’t even know what you don’t even know. Resistance is often found in that discovery. Breakthroughs… begin with a change in belief. And all possibility occurs in a conversation. Settle in and see if you resonate with some healthy food for thought from these 5 & 6 figure earners (with plant powders).




simple, sensbile, science


SAFE - Customers: Pregnancies, kids, patients, pro athletes, etc. #BeyondOrganic

SIMPLE - Produce from our farmers. #ProduceProduces

SENSIBLE - Plant powders produce more produce consumption. #MoreMatters

SCIENCE - #1 globally in (scientific journals) published efficacy. #StandsWithoutPeer

SUSTAINABLE - One of the highest customer retention rates. #Cashflow

SCALABLE - Option to grow income beyond your own output. #AgencyIncome

SUCCESSFUL - Hygienic habits that are built to last. #Enduring

SUPPORTED - Our community, culture, and mentorship are special. #Welcome

SYNERGISTIC - Health food that elevates with your values. #Alignment

SPECIAL - Benefits package available (includes health insurance). #Unique

Private poll conducted over five years

Private poll conducted over five years

Cathy Sykora interviews Jeff Olson

If you work with The Health Coach Group


and/or email us:

JeffO TAMPA stage 2 square.png

thrive. pioneer. partner.

Build Physical Durability with Plant Powders

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 7.33.15 AM.png

Men now recognize the physical advantages and benefits of eating more plants. Faster recovery. A stronger adaptive response. Greater physiological durability. Human performance nutrition is a higher form of sports and human nutrition because it fuels for physiological performance first, sports performance and/or weight loss/gain second. Thus, it is a universal approach for building better physicality. Food conditioning with plant powders delivers a compounding effect that produces deeper level of results.

Video Panel

Men share their functional food experiencef around becoming more food fit.

Click image above to view video

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My Adventures Mentoring Healthy Living Agents

MENTOR inteview.JPG

Most people would love a mentor. It is a treasure hunt to find one. Here, successful millennial entrepreneur Christen Hillmer interviews (10 minutues) her mentor, Jeff Olson, on the life he has built working with nextgens in the Gig PLUS+ economy.

Christen and Jeff with fellow   ambassadors, agents, and agency   owners at WINTERFEST 2019

Christen and Jeff with fellow ambassadors, agents, and agency owners at WINTERFEST 2019

Christen’s tribe with Jeff mentoring alongside

Christen’s tribe with Jeff mentoring alongside

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Athlete Sponsorships Have Changed in the Gig PLUS+ Economy

Sponsorship has changed w- logoss.png

Olympians are living at the poverty level and LeBron is lobbying for NCAA athletes to get paid. When it comes to creating income, we mentor athletes (all abilities over 18) to think bigger and understand… “You'll be held accountable by the rules of the game you choose to play.” If you still play the OLD sponsorship game in pursuit of income, then the rule you account to is this:

Traditional sponsorships “RENT” your Influence.

You don’t own, you rent, and it is fleeting.

If you get cash you are in the

1% of athletes who do.

The Gig Economy (game) has new rules that empower NEW income for athletes and a better way for you (athletes) to own your influence. Athletes want #performance, have #influence, and need #income. Our Sponsorship PLUS+ approach changes the game and puts new rules in your favor:

The Gig Economy game: OWN your Influence.

New rule: Influence is economic leverage.

Make your brand become built to last.

Athletes of all ages and abilities

are winning with us.

A Better Way

Better Performance

A Better Partner

jeff and toni agentrepreneurs.jpg

More about Jeff

To connect directly, email Jeff at:

Resistance Training: Muscles & Minds

Resistance IDEAS training 2.JPG

Breaking (down) muscle to build stronger muscle is what resistance (WEIGHT) training does. Always has, always will. Breaking (down) minds to build stronger minds (sounds abusive in our snowflake dejour environment) is what resistance (IDEAS) training does. Ideas have weight. Big ideas are like lifting weights where the lbs. test and stress your mind muscle and condition it over time to become stronger. Bigger the idea, heavier the weight.


At the Healthy Living Agency we mentor and coach people with big ideas that break their mind tissue down and build it up better. We have tough conversations with our proteges. The resistance, break down, and recovery makes them stronger (again, think weight lifting). Building up their adaptive response requires conditioning. Very few can lift big (heavy) ideas on their first try. They need to train, condition and acclimate to the weight. The mind is a muscle and training it with great ideas (weights) is just like training your quads. #SmartPainBigGain

The core Resistance Ideas Training [RIT] we do are around: disruptive innovation, self-worth, entrepreneurship, leadership, culture, belief, and simply being a blessing. We start small… low weight -high reps (Get customers, keep them, and earn $1,000/month). We help our young guns lock arms with a training partner (buddy) to get stronger faster. As we add more plates to the bar, capacities grow and people grow from agents into agency owners. #1099agency


Fifteen years ago, the big (heavy) idea for me was owning a business. My lightweight (small idea) belief was that to own a business I needed my own great idea, money, and skills. It was all about me and what I didn’t have. The flipping the script, heavy lift, was the idea of becoming an agentrepreneur with a great company. Less me , more we. This was my core lift and the RIT I had to train through.

Our work is led by women who embrace service, care, nurturing, and community. Initally, these simple ideas are often the heaviest for men (me) to lift. Women are naturally stronger in this lift but if I (men) lift enough with these mind muscles we become consciously competent and make a meaningful difference.

Here are some big, heavy ideas that need strength to them up for others!

  • Democrats & Repubicans (and their ideas) are awesome

  • Capitalism is a sport (game) that needs fair rules (laws) and referrees (courts)

  • Responsibility is as important as Rights

  • The American Dream is thriving

  • Creating sustainable and scalable cashflow

  • Sales is noble, needed, and blessed work

  • Marketing does more heavy lifting than sales

  • Hygienic health food is disruptive innovation like the iPhone

  • Gig PLUS+ work offers health-care benefits

  • A 1099 agency leverages four business models

  • Desire, ambition, and pursuit need a vehicle. Autonomy & community, mastery & discovery, purpose & play, money & meaning, culture & contribution… are all available with us.

To learn more about RIT and/or becoming an ambassador, agent, or agency owner with us, connect with your HFA or email us at

Capture alkdj.PNG

Shareholder vs. Stakeholder: A false choice in a fake war

Slide 4 (1).jpeg

Recently, the WSJ Business Roundtable discarded the later 20th Century ideology of maximizing profits for “Shareholder” as the overarching goal goal of a company. Replacing it, is the back to the future ideology of maximizing value to all “Stakeholders”. Duh! This is what good and great companies have always done.

The Shareholder vs. Stakeholders debate is not new. Up until the 1980s, most CEOs felt a paternal responsibility to take care of their employees and community too (along with investors). In the 1980s, the “Greed is Good” meme amplified by the addition of 24-hour (financial) news pushed forward CEOs who were extracting every-last-drop of short-term profit for only “my precious” shareholders.

Today, the apparent #Wokemedia is just catching up to the timeless, tried and proven, back to the future thinking that #AllStakeholders matter…. which is neither revelatory nor new. It is, however, the obvious choice if you choose to stand at the convergence of #MoneyAndMeaning.


The Shareholder vs. Stakeholder debate is a false choice if you want to play the long game and deliver enduring value over time. #BuiltToLast. At our Healthy Living Agency #1099agency we democratize "equity ownership" for the worker (stakeholder owner) and the investors (shareholder owner) and both love it! We'll cross a billion annually in sales in 2020... And with a global retention rate of 98% across our field leadership, the result is we've one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry. We are also the only company, I’m aware of, that offers a full-benefits package (including health-care) to its #1099agents. Purpose-driven, people-driven, and profit-driven. TripleBottomLine.

investor-shareholder OWNER

worker-stakeholder OWNER

customer-buyer OWNER


We take the best and discard the rest from these 4 approaches

We take the best and discard the rest from these 4 approaches

We invite you to learn more about us by connecting with your HFA or emailing us at:

Jacob Collier: Musical Genius, Generational Jedi

Jacob Collier.JPG

A wise man once said, “Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance”. Jacob Collier obliterates the tyranny of conventional thinking (in this case, of music) and elevates the mesmerizing beauty of nuance. He is a refreshing avatar for what is possible... #Imagine, listen, learn, and experience his passion.

He is a young gun, whos’ laying it down with all the power of youth…. #Inspiring. The future will always be bright with this kind of unbridled passion and voracious talent. This kind of clean and pure "Joy found in effort" is what fuels and enduring and playful obsession to master something... sport, art, career, skill, etc. This week I was introduced to Jacob Collier. He is a musical genius whose musicality is stunning. A pure blessing. As an MIT graduate says, "He makes me believe in the divine." A once-in-a-lifetime maestro who can teach any person, profession, or passion about how to master your craft and contribute to something bigger than yourself.

Collier is a musical genius, instrument viruoso, and philosophical jedi… Collier sings with amazing depth and range. He sings all the acapella voices on his albums. He plays guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, autoharp, dulcimer, both electric and double bass, and drums… just to name a few. He won 2 Grammys by the age of 22. He will win Oscars, be honored at Lincoln Center, and celebrated at Royal Albert Hall (already has a bit), etc. Until then, enjoy. He’s 25 now.

Jacob educating, empowering, and inspiring MIT students:

Jacob supports and serves up another rising star Daniel Caesar:

Covering Classics:

Original Work:


Jacob addressing MIT students, “What my mom did is recognize that I had some kind of weird brain that was very thirsty and very inventive and quite emotionally mature and presented lots of different things to me. Like, this is Bach. This is Stravinsky. This is Bartok. This is Britain. This is Earth, Wind, and Fire. This is Bobby McFerrin. This is Sting... Those are like a lot of my heroes growing up. And I wasn't told to do anything with them. I was just told to enjoy them. She used to do things like turn on the vacuum cleaner or, as we say in the UK, the Hoover and plug it in and it would go [VACUUM SOUND] and she would say, Jacob, what note does that feel like? This is when I'm two, two years old. I was like, G? yeah, that's a G. Really, the biggest gift I was given as a child was a space and the affirmation to create in it. And I was never, ever taught to practice ever. I was never taught to practice. And people don't believe that. No, no way, they say... where's the discipline? It's funny because it's true… but people have an idea of how to learn and how to teach that I think is horrifically out of date”.

Read the book “The Talent Code” by Dan Coyle. In it he speaks to Jacob’s passion as a kind of “Rage to Master” that must exist to grow talent. FYI parents, you cannot impart it to your children. They discover it froms the heavens, peers, coaches/mentors, or life experience… but not parents.

View the most watched TED Talk of all time speak to killing or ampligying this kind of creativity and learning… Sir Ken Robinson’s “Do School’s Kill Creativity”?

Jaco’bs website:

His FB page:

His latest release: Djesse Vol. 2

Dear Jacob, please come to Denver in 2020. Cheers… #intothelight

Sense & Science: Healthy Food's New Standard

Published efficacy on plant powder food.PNG

"Plant powders" are a new standard in supplemental, functional food.  This food-first approach rediscovers the obvious: #MatterMatters #ProduceProduces #CompoundingEffect. Plant powders provide tried, proven, simple, and sustainable, food-first support. Our brand has pioneered plant powders and stands as the most thoroughly researched, third-party peer-reviewed, and published health food product in the world. 

The sense and science of plant (produce) powders

The sense and science of plant (produce) powders

Delivers a healthy, compounding effect

Delivers a healthy, compounding effect

published efficacy plant powders.png

Most, do not understand our flagship brand product to be "Plant Powders". They think it is something else… Something it is not (i.e. juice or vitamin pill). This misunderstanding often prevents their deeper discovery. 

Below you will see our brand name "Redacted" to help focus on our published efficacy in this novel food category of “Plant Powders”. It is our hope the redacted brand name will help distinguish plant powders as health food "Category" worth learning more about. If it is evidence you seek... Perhaps this body of published efficacy will compel your deeper discovery.


A few published studies from this plant powder brand.

Click on image above for more study info

Click on image above for more study info

Click on image above to see more info

Click on image above to see more info

See links below for published effiacy of brand leader

See links below for published effiacy of brand leader

The most global brand leader’s published efficacy:

At a minimum, this may intrigue you to dig deeper. We invite you to connect with your HFA or email us at:

A New Standard for Healthy Pregnancies

To read the Time Magazine article  click here .

To read the Time Magazine article click here.

America is failing.  The sad fact is that America's infant mortality (world ranking) increased over the last half-century (1960, 12th. 1990, 21st. 2008, 43rd2016, 56th). This escalation is due to our unhealthy lifestyle.  It is the single largest contributing factor to unhealthy babies and children.

The #1 behavioral risk factor of poor health: Unhealthy diet (#2 lack of exercise #3 smoking). While most U.S. women don’t’ smoke or drink during pregnancy they still have a tremendous blindspot when it comes to food, diet, and nutrition during pregnancy.

More Matters: Eat more fruit and vegetables

The chart below represents the high level, summary results of a retrospective study by an OBGYN using plant powders, produce concentrates (JP+).  The physician compared 179 of his pregnant patients (eating JP+ = green bar) vs. 179 of his partner patients (not eating JP+ = red bars). The results are provocative.

OBGYN jp study_odom.jpg


The physician's experience of improving pre-eclampsia pregnancies (with daily consumption of plant powders) was the catalyst for this study.  Pre-eclampsia is a dangerous pregnancy disorder characterized by the onset of high blood pressure and often a significant amount of protein in the urine. It is associated with high free radical activity, elevated blood levels of lipid peroxidation (oxidized fats) and endothelium dysfunction. The foods we eat reduce free radical activity (oxidative stress), reduce oxidation of lipids (and proteins) and improve endothelium function.

The endothelium is the thin layer of cells that line the interior surface of the entire vascular system. In essence, the endothelium serves as the vascular regulator (dilation/constriction) of all blood flow and the placenta is highly vascular. View video below to learn how the endothelium works and what helps it perform.

Science is very clear that the foods people eat impacts (up or down) vascular health and its ability to perform.  In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, these same plant powders, produce concentrates were shown to improve vascular capacity (endothelial performance).

endothelial performance.gif

This growing body of published efficacy supports timeless prescription that food is medicine and directly challenges the prevailing standard of care (the prenatal multi-vitamin). Understandably, these results will not shift the prevailing standard of care in medicine. But, what these results have done help people think differently about their dietary execution. another physician colleague of mine said, “You must be brain dead if this body of evidence doesn’t speak to you."

Mom's bottom line

Eating well during pregnancy (and beyond) is paramount for healthy babies and kids.  Around the world, Moms on a Mission are using daily consumption of produce concentrates to fill in their "produce" gaps.  More matter matters!

hft plant powders and omegas.jpg

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How to Improve Your Functional Fitness with Food Conditioning

gym food conditioning.JPG

A first principle in CrossFit (aka Functional Fitness) is healthy eating. A first principle of healthy eating is eating more plants. No, this is not about becoming a vegan or vegetarian, but it is about having a plant-based diet and eating way more plants. #morematters

Plant foods do things in our body animal foods cannot. The compound effect of plant foods are a stronger adaptive response, faster recovery, and greater physiological durability. Physiological fitness is the foundation of functional fitness and plant foods are the number one driver of physiological function. #produceproduces

Eating a Rainbow of Plants   delivers healthy just-in-time (phyto) chemistry to your biology.

Eating a Rainbow of Plants delivers healthy just-in-time (phyto) chemistry to your biology.

Example - Blood Function

Facebook (3).png


recommended daily minimum servings

Women: 7 servings/day | Men: 9 servings/day | Athletes: 13+ servings/day

Nutrition is only as good as your daily execution (habits) over time.

Nutrition is only as good as your daily execution (habits) over time.

As a former professional athlete with 20+ years experience helping people eat better, the number one problem people have when it comes to eating well is actually doing the daily do… walking the talk. They know what they should do, everyday, but they just don’t do it.

We help them improve their daily do through food conditioning with plant powders.


ACC results.png

Human Performance Nutrition

is a higher form of sports nutrition

because it fuels for physiological performance first,

sports performance second. Jeff Olson, RLT





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NextGen Gigs as Brave Healthy Enterprises

bhe banner.png

These 1099 agencies offer health-care insurance, benefits package, mentoring, community, culture, etc. They expand the upside of the Gig Economy. These Gig PLUS+ ventures bring capacity to side hustles to grow into a successful and meaningful career. Here is a sneak peak into what is driving our #1099agency success, around the world.

Moms on mission

Moms on mission

Millennial mojo

Millennial mojo

Athletes -influencers

Athletes -influencers

Health professionals

Health professionals

Keynote close: Toni, Jeff, Colleen, Lacey, Christen, Arielle

We’ve more more sustainable 5, 6, & 7 figure income earners than anyone in the industry.

Rise with Your Own 1099 Agency

Our HFA Manifesto

Brave Connections

Learn more at our website:


#BeBrave #BetterTogether

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Dietitians’ New Food Recommendation


Food vs. Non-food. Eat Well professionals help people keep it simple and eat fresh, clean, nutrient dense foods. And most do not believe in non-food, traditional supplements which are “mg” cocktails of isolated, fragemented, nutrients (i.e. multi-vitamin). However, dietitains have embraced a new food (category) recommendation: Supplemental Food. #FoodFirst

Supplemental Food banner.PNG

When it comes to a daily habit of eating fresh, clean, nutrient dense foods… The brutal and inconvenient truth is most people can’t, don’t, or won’t and most actually “eat well” sporadically, randomly, and radically little.

From Conflict to Consensus


vs. More

The outdated, naive, and mediocre mantra, “Everything in moderation…” was always in direct conflict with the “MOREMATTERS” principle.

Today’s new standard is a common sense manifesto, “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much” (thanks MP). The mostly plants #morematters consensus is totally different from the old conflicting message of “moderation”. As knowledge catches up to truth we evolve to higher ground. Today, the meta-research analysis and its applied science has rediscovered the obvious.

Dietitians use tried and proven health food tech to get more matter that matter into people’s daily lives.


Dietitians share their experience with the global, brand leader (Click below to watch video).

Pioneering plant powders and Their published efficacy

tri pack.PNG
Food Conditioning with jp published efficacy.png

Quick intro to brand leader

Farm Fresh: How it is made

Healthy living video lectures

Plant Omegas ( 3,5,6,7 & 9)

Published efficacy

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Top 5 Urban Myths

5 urban myths.JPG

False evidence appearing real stops people emotionally and intellectually.. Here are the top 5 myths that people don’t even know they don’t even know about us.

  1. WHAT: Product myth

  2. HOW: Distribution myth

  3. WHERE: Sales myth

  4. WHEN: Time myth

  5. WHO: Ego or Self Worth myth

Short Version

Extended Version

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Brain Problems: Reduce Inflammation with Plant Powders

BRAIN inflammation.JPG


For Alzheimer’s Sufferers, Brain Inflammation Ignites a Neuron-Killing “Forest Fire”

And it could also be the kindling sparking Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative maladies


Food Conditioning with plant powders is proven to reduce inflammation

Brand name is redacted so you focus on the “ CATEGORY ” of plant powders

Brand name is redacted so you focus on the “CATEGORY” of plant powders

Click through quick intro (below) on food conditioning with plant powders

To learn about food conditioniing with our brand name plant powders, connect with your HFA or email us