Plant Powders? A Doctor Responds

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Health professionals, around the world, recognize this company as the Apple Inc. of Health Food. Simple. Think Different. They are the pioneer and global leader of a unique health food category called “Plant Powders”. Plant powders are a safe, simple, sensible, and scientifically proven way to bridge one’s dietary “produce” gaps. Food conditionining with plant powders is embraced as an evidenced-based, hygienic health food that is tried and proven.

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25 QUESTIONS: Answered by Dr. Candace Corson

  1. I already eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, so I don’t feel I need a supplement?

  2. JP+ seems expensive?

  3. Can I buy just a month’s supply instead of the 4?

  4. How many servings of fruits and vegetables are actually in JP+?

  5. I take so many pills these days, I can’t possible add anymore?

  6. I have been told JP+ is FOOD, but the label lists other things like percentages of vitamins. Why is this?

  7. I try to buy only organic for my feed family. I see JP+ doesn’t have an organic label on the bottle?

  8. I have an auto immune disease and take medications to help suppress my immune system and I have to be careful not to support my immune system?

  9. I had a kidney transplant recently and have been told not to take anything else with the medications I am on so as not to upset the apple cart?

  10. I am on a blood thinner called Coumadin and I‘ve been told not to eat leafy green vegetables?

  11. I started taking JP+ a few days ago and have experienced some discomfort in my stomach with some bloating and cramping. Do you think I am allergic to it?

  12. I have some serious digestion issues especially when I and fearful that JP+ may make them worse?

  13. I have food allergies to some of the JP+ ingredients so I am not sure I can take JP+?

  14. Will Juice Plus+ help my high blood pressure or my husband’s high cholesterol?

  15. Will JP+ keep the colds I get often at bay?

  16. I’m pregnant and wonder if I need a prenatal if I am taking JP+?

  17. I don’t give any sugar to my children so the JP+ chews aren’t a fit for us?

  18. I can’t eat Juice Plus+ Complete because it contains soy and as a breast cancer survivor, I have been told to stay clear of soy?

  19. I love the taste of the JP+ Complete but it has too much sugar in it and I am working on cutting down my sugar intake?

  20. I am a tri-athlete and need a really good amount of protein in my diet and the Complete doesn’t seem to have enough for me?

  21. I take a pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 so what differentiates JP+ Omegas from mine?

  22. My doctor told me I was healthy and not to waste my money on Juice Plus+?

  23. If Juice Plus+ is so good why don’t more doctors, even the holistic ones, recommend it?

  24. I’m thinking of not continuing with JP+ because I haven’t noticed anything?

  25. I have more energy, better digestion, I sleep more soundly and feel so clear headed since starting JP+. What’s up with this?

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