How To Financially Own The Change In Your Influence

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Your influence has changed. It is bigger than you think. Enterprise has changed. It is more available than you think. What has also changed is Influence As Enterprise requires way LESS influence than you might think.

#CHANGE is one of life's constants. We are in very unique times because change is accelerating so fast. When a 7 yr. old (unicorn) makes $22 million/yr. it seems worth your time to ask, seek, and knock as to how you can play in the social media sandbox… at a micro level (i.e. thousands of connections) and make enduring bank.

At HFA, we help average people earn above average income. Average people who have a few thousand friends, family, followers, likes, etc.… and make bank! We coach, train, mentor and empower them to inspire a small tribe….well… and make it built to last. Conversely, we know thousands of Instagramers (who do not work with us) with tens or hundreds of thousands of follower who do not make bank (i.e. full-time income, working part-time). For them, getting “Followers/Likes” has become an Icarus-esque dopamine drug into oblivion.

Word-of-mouth marketing (i.e. C2C, customer to customer) is normal now and part of the zeitgeist of our times. Best of Times, Worst of Times… depending on if you “OWN” an enterprise that leverages and sustains your micro-influence. Micro-influence can make a macro impact on your bank account. Personal enterprise and micro-influence is central to our HFA revolutionaries.

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