The Agency Project

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Most just want to be employees. Short on cashflow, they then seek ways to increase it.

  • Boomers have a 2nd (side) job for extra cash.
  • GenX are (side) "Agents" for hire.
  • GENY does (side) "Gigs" for money.
  • GENZ need (side) "Hustle" income.

Whatever generation, whatever you call it, creating multiple streams of income has and always will be a smart way to build "CashFlow" security.

Today's financial freedom demands owning several cash flow sources.

Today's financial freedom demands owning several cash flow sources.

The "HAVES" vs. "HAVE Nots". What causes the "HAVES" to own 90% of the wealth in America? 10% of the population owns 90% of the wealth in the US. As the old saying goes, "Success leaves Clues..." The most common attribute among the "HAVES" is they OWN THEIR OWN BUSINESS.

Ownership has its privileges.

Ownership has its privileges.

Do you want smaller challenges or greater capacity.  Do you have cashflow challenges. Ambition needs a vehicle that is built to last. What if there was a better way?

What stops most people... are illusions of knowledge.

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The companies below are all unicorns that pioneered new categories.  All of them (except NetFlix) offer independent (1099) contractors a way to earn income.  Only one (our health food company) offers a way to grow income beyond your own personal output (i.e. Agency work).  Be an agent.  Own and Agency. Profits > Wages.


Would you rather own $100 of agent income or $10/each from 10 people as an agency owner? 

We recommend you #DoBoth (Profits & Wages)

We recommend you #DoBoth (Profits & Wages)

Most people just want to have agent income (i.e Uber driver, etc.).  Those who want to collaborate and grow income (profits) beyond their own abilities use an "Agency" approach to make a bigger impact.  Either way, becoming a health food agent or owning a health food agency starts with getting excited about our HEALTH FOOD!  See if any of our results intrigues you to want to learn more.

Many consider us the Apple Inc. of health food.

Many consider us the Apple Inc. of health food.

For 25 years, we have pioneered a distribution approach called a "Network Franchise".  We've taken what works in the following business aproaches and discarded the rest.

  • Franchising: Consumer driven. Business systems.
    • Got rid of... Brick and mortar and big franchise fees
  • Direct sales: Tribal relationships win.
    • Got rid of... Bossess and territories.
  • Network marketing: Profit sharing.
    • Got rid of... Being paid to recruit with high front-end loaded "buy in" costs
  • Corporate: Full Health Care and Benefits package (Do you know of another global company that offers a full benefits package to 1099/Independent Contractors?).
    • Got rid of... Bosses and two weeks vacation
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We are pioneers and leaders in the healthy living, leading, owning, and giving. We invite you to learn more about our longstanding philanthropic work with these wonderful organizations.

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All breakthroughs begin with a change in belief.  One person with belief is worth more than ninety-nine who only have interest.  We invite you to curate your belief and experience more with us.

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We invite you to get with the health food agent who shared this with you and schedule a "Health Consult" to learn more about our health food, programs and services.  If you are not working with a HFA contact us at