Agentrepreneurs are Winning in the Gig Economy

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Most can imagine the lifestyle of an agent, agency owner, or entrepreneur.

1) Agents: Build clients
2) Agencies: Enable teams
3) Entrepreneurs: Scale innovation

Most people don't start their own business because they have no time, money, or idea for a business. The Gig Economy thinks different. Add health care benefits and a way to grow income beyond yourself... Brave, healthy food for thought… Consider being an #Agentrepreneur.

The Gig Economy offers “ME money” opportunities . However, Gigs also exist where ME money + WE money (collaborative profits) are available if you so choose. At HFA, we are one of those unique opportunities that provides both ME + WE money. Think of it as a GigPLUS+ and the PLUS+ means more upside for you.

Gigs (ME money), only allow you to exhange time for money. They do not provide a way to earn money when you are not working (i.e. Making money off the clock). Also, as a 1099 independent contractor, you do not receive any corporate benefits nor a health-care benefits package. Despite these challenges, Gigs do offer autonomy, flexibility, and certain freedoms

Blend together the advantages of being a 1099 independent agent and an entrepreneur… Enter, an #Agentrepreneur.


Agentrepreneurs integrate and amplify distinct advantages:

  1. Autonomy, flexibility, freedoms, and low overhead of being an agent.

  2. Low overhead (HFAs enjoy unique tax advantages).

  3. You don’t have to come up with a great idea.

  4. Leverage in ownership: Profits > Wages

  5. Advantages available through corporate and health benefits.


Scaling any kind of income beyond yourself requires some type of leverage: financial leverage, employee leverage, royalties, licensing, residual, partnership, etc. Being an Agentrepreneur creates multiple levels of leverage: Financial, relational, partnership, community, cultural, network, innovation, collegial, tax leverage, etc.

Being an Agentrepreneur, in a supportive community, with collaborative income upside (no strings attached) is unique. Experience a better way with us.

Our young gun agentrepreneur lifestyle

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