Athlete Sponsorships Have Changed in the Gig PLUS+ Economy

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Olympians are living at the poverty level and LeBron is lobbying for NCAA athlete to get paid. When it comes to creating income, we mentor athletes (all abilities over 18) to think bigger and understand, “You'll be held accountable by the rules of the game you choose to play.” If you still play the OLD sponsorship game in pursuit of income, then the rule you account to is this:

Traditional sponsorships “RENT” your Influence.

You don’t own, you rent, and it is fleeting.

If you get cash you are in the

1% of athletes who do.

The Gig Economy (game) has new rules that empower NEW income for athletes and a better way for you (athletes) to own your influence. Athletes want #performance, have #influence, and need #income. Our Sponsorship PLUS+ approach changes the game and puts new rules in your favor:

The Gig Economy game: OWN your Influence.

New rule: Influence is economic leverage.

Make your brand become built to last.

Athletes of all ages and abilities

are winning with us.

A Better Way

Better Performance

A Better Partner

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