How has weight loss has changed? Think #BetterBurn

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An old colleague, of mine, became famous (in the weight loss industry) ranting with his bully pulpit that weight loss was a simple math problem, ”Your Calories IN and Calories OUT alone determine your weight loss/gain Simple math… 1 = 1 . In his academic ivory tower, he said there was no (weight loss/gain) difference between ONE potato chip calorie VS. ONE spinach calorie.

A CALORIE (kcal) = Energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water 1 degree Celsius

However, when it comes to actual weight loss/gain this view fails miserably because it fails to account and misses the biochemistry of the body. [As an aside, my colleague’s hustle and hubris never set well with me. He was later exposed for taking big money from calorically rich Big Food Inc. and his 15 minutes of public-health fame shattered.] Now, I am not a health professional. But I work in health, professionally (20 years) and have always viewd the Calories IN-Calories OUT as naive. To me, the quality of a calorie had to matter somehow… Not only in the obviouus calorie IN portion of the equation but somehow it had to matter in the OUT portion too.



Science now confirms the QUALITY of calories, you consume, effect your capacity to burn calories! The healthy food (quality) you consume conditions your body and its microbiome and increases your calorie burning efficiency and effectiveness. A win-win for weight loss: Less calories-in (WIN), more calories-out (WIN). Now you can truly say, “Healthy food gives me a #BETTERBURN!”

…Some people’s guts are simply more efficient (conditioned) than others’ at extracting calories from food. When two people eat the same 3,000-calorie pizza, for example, their bodies absorb different amounts of energy. And those calorie-converting abilities can change over a person’s lifetime with age and other variables. [ Read the full article in The Atlantic, CLICK HERE and also how antibiotics make you fatter CLICK HERE ]

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If you CAN’T, DON’T, OR WON’T eat the recommended minimum, daily servings of fruits and vegetables then consider eating what I and millions of others eat everyday… PLANT POWDERS to condition our physiology (including our microbiome) and gain a deeper level of health, daily.

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Eating PLANT POWDERS daily (Seen here as: Vegetable, Berry, & Fruit powder blends.) helps bridge the gap between what you know you need to be doing every day and what you are actually doing…. for your best (health) life. I consider plant powders hygienic health food. See the published science including imporving the microbiome. #ProduceProduces


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Deeper level results come from a compounding effect.

Deeper level results come from a compounding effect.