Resistance Training: Muscles & Minds

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Breaking (down) muscle to build stronger muscle is what resistance (WEIGHT) training does. Always has, always will. Breaking (down) minds to build stronger minds (sounds abusive in our snowflake dejour environment) is what resistance (IDEAS) training does. Ideas have weight. Big ideas are like lifting weights where the lbs. test and stress your mind muscle and condition it over time to become stronger. Bigger the idea, heavier the weight.


At the Healthy Living Agency we mentor and coach people with big ideas that break their mind tissue down and build it up better. We have tough conversations with our proteges. The resistance, break down, and recovery makes them stronger (again, think weight lifting). Building up their adaptive response requires conditioning. Very few can lift big (heavy) ideas on their first try. They need to train, condition and acclimate to the weight. The mind is a muscle and training it with great ideas (weights) is just like training your quads. #SmartPainBigGain

The core Resistance Ideas Training [RIT] we do are around: disruptive innovation, self-worth, entrepreneurship, leadership, culture, belief, and simply being a blessing. We start small… low weight -high reps (Get customers, keep them, and earn $1,000/month). We help our young guns lock arms with a training partner (buddy) to get stronger faster. As we add more plates to the bar, capacities grow and people grow from agents into agency owners. #1099agency


Fifteen years ago, the big (heavy) idea for me was owning a business. My lightweight (small idea) belief was that to own a business I needed my own great idea, money, and skills. It was all about me and what I didn’t have. The flipping the script, heavy lift, was the idea of becoming an agentrepreneur with a great company. Less me , more we. This was my core lift and the RIT I had to train through.

Our work is led by women who embrace service, care, nurturing, and community. Initally, these simple ideas are often the heaviest for men (me) to lift. Women are naturally stronger in this lift but if I (men) lift enough with these mind muscles we become consciously competent and make a meaningful difference.

Here are some big, heavy ideas that need strength to them up for others!

  • Democrats & Repubicans (and their ideas) are awesome

  • Capitalism is a sport (game) that needs fair rules (laws) and referrees (courts)

  • Responsibility is as important as Rights

  • The American Dream is thriving

  • Creating sustainable and scalable cashflow

  • Sales is noble, needed, and blessed work

  • Marketing does more heavy lifting than sales

  • Hygienic health food is disruptive innovation like the iPhone

  • Gig PLUS+ work offers health-care benefits

  • A 1099 agency leverages four business models

  • Desire, ambition, and pursuit need a vehicle. Autonomy & community, mastery & discovery, purpose & play, money & meaning, culture & contribution… are all available with us.

To learn more about RIT and/or becoming an ambassador, agent, or agency owner with us, connect with your HFA or email us at

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