Who is a Unicorn in Health Food?

Category disruptors redefine things. Crest pioneered toothpaste in a tube. Do you have a Kleenex means do you have a tissue paper. Google it is now the verb for search. Think about all the devices you had to have before the iPhone debuted? Disruptive innovation makes new things that make old things obsolete.

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The world will know of PLANT POWDERS because of our health food company partner. Many believe our flagship product (produce concentrates) represents a new standard of care in medicine, good daily hygiene in wellness, and our food condititioning approach in human performance stands alone. This multi-billion dollar (market cap) private company has another disctinction. All revenue are generated by 1099 health food agents… Some of whom have built 1099 health food agencies (another Unicorn). Based on results (gaining & retaining raving fan customers) their leadership position is worth knowing. Here are the following health food CATEGORIES they have pioneered and remain the global leader in: Plant Powders | Plant Concentrates | Plant Oils (Omegas) | Vertical Aeroponics.

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