Blind Spot in Sports Nutrition (intro)

"There is no such thing as over training, only under recovery". Dr. Allen Lim.

Human Performance Nutrition is a higher form of sports nutrition because it fuels for physiological performance first, sports performance second.  Traditional sports nutrition is focused on carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  Game day nutrition, fueling for sport specific needs (i.e. endurance, body building, etc.) or ideologies (i.e. paleo) consume the narrative. This relegates nutritional impact down to the two traditional pillars: (1) Fueling for energy (2) Building matter. The blind spot in sports nutrition is pillar #(3) ____?

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Safety First

Plant powders are a simple and safe food first approach.

Plant powders are a simple and safe food first approach.

SAFETY first!  For professional athletes, pregnant women or cancer patients… A cornerstone, in serving your body, is safety first.

  • ATHLETES:  Juice PLUS+ is NSF Sports Certified which is recognized by Olympic and Professional Sports organizations and teams.  Juice PLUS+ does not pay any professional athletes to use Juice PLUS+, athletes use it because it is safe, simple and works.
  • PREGNANCY: Woman have been using Juice PLUS+ for decades to help condition health pregnancies.  See JP Pregnancy Health study  t
  • CANCER:  MD Anderson JP+ (shakes and capsules) in a clinical study with Stage II-IV cancer survivors.  See Cancer study w/ JP.

For those investigating if Juice PLUS+ is safe, rest assured, these fruit and vegetable powders have got your back.  Since 1993, Juice PLUS+ has been a leader in “Safe”.  As context, their design shift away from a cocktail of nutrients (i.e. multi-vitamin) to “produce powders” represents a safer (food-first) approach to dietary support.  See video: JP+ How It’s Made.  

FOOD FIRST: As a health food, they have an FDA “food label” (Nutrition Facts) vs. FDA “supplement label” (Supplement Facts).  As an aside, as good as that is, FDA food labels will never be able to list all the vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidatns, enzymes and phyto-chemicals, contained in healthy food (see limitation of labels).  Beyond the simplicity and sense of produce concentrates, they have separated themselves from the entire industry with a deep and broad body of peer reviewed and published efficacy (#1 in the world).  They are the most clinically researched, third-party, peer review and published, health food product in the world.  

FARMERS: Juice PLUS+ buys its produce from organic and transitional farmers.  As one of the largest buyers of fruit and vegetable crops in the world, the transitional farmers are critical for expanding the available supply of “vine-ripened” crops (see Farm to Capsule videos).  Fun fact… Juice PLUS+ is the largest single buyer of “Kale” in the world and the second largest buyer of “Cranberries’ in the world (behind Ocean Spray).

TESTING: Along with the stewardship, of the farmers, Juice PLUS+ tests the produce powders for any and all man made contaminants.  Beyond that, they are NSF & NSF Sport Certified which is the highest third-party certification organization that tests for ingredients and safety.  The Complete Shake as a PDCAA score of 1.0 (Read here). 

INDUSTRY: The former chairman of the supplement industry’s trade association (CRN) said, “…I can say with complete confidence, that there is no nutraceutical or nutritional support product, made in the world,  at a higher quality than Juice PLUS+”.