Dietitians’ New Food Recommendation


Food vs. Non-food. Eat Well professionals help people keep it simple and eat fresh, clean, nutrient dense foods. And most do not believe in non-food, traditional supplements which are “mg” cocktails of isolated, fragemented, nutrients (i.e. multi-vitamin). However, dietitains have embraced a new food (category) recommendation: Supplemental Food. #FoodFirst

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When it comes to a daily habit of eating fresh, clean, nutrient dense foods… The brutal and inconvenient truth is most people can’t, don’t, or won’t and most actually “eat well” sporadically, randomly, and radically little.

From Conflict to Consensus


vs. More

The outdated, naive, and mediocre mantra, “Everything in moderation…” was always in direct conflict with the “MOREMATTERS” principle.

Today’s new standard is a common sense manifesto, “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much” (thanks MP). The mostly plants #morematters consensus is totally different from the old conflicting message of “moderation”. As knowledge catches up to truth we evolve to higher ground. Today, the meta-research analysis and its applied science has rediscovered the obvious.

Dietitians use tried and proven health food tech to get more matter that matter into people’s daily lives.


Dietitians share their experience with the global, brand leader (Click below to watch video).

Pioneering plant powders and Their published efficacy

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Quick intro to brand leader

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