Produce Concentrates: Disruptive innovation


Produce concentrates represent a disruptive innovation.  Innovation makes old things better (i.e. traditional supplements).  Disruptive innovation makes new things (i.e. produce concentrates) that makes old things obsolete (i.e. multi-vitamin).  If you can't, don't or won't eat enough fruits and vegetables, everyday, produce concentrates help fill in the gap.  

Produce concentrates are not a vitamin, not a mineral, not an enzyme, phytonutrient, or specific cocktail of fragmented nutrients.  Produce concentrates contain all of the above because they are matter, that matters (i.e. produce powders). Your produce concentrates should have an "FDA - Food Label" vs. a "FDA - Supplement Label". A food label will distinguish that it is a food, however, the "Nutritition Facts" label can look very unimpressive.  There is no way to list everything contained in a fresh whole clean apple (see image below).  It is exactly the same of produce concentrates.

Produce concentrates are #healthfoodtechnology and a design shift away from traditional supplements.  They are a back to basics, food-first approach and experts believe they replace the multi-vitamin as a "New standard of care".  They are not a replacement for eating the daily minimum servings of fruits and vegetables.  For health, fitness, and performance, they are an tried and proven way to bridge the gap between what you know you should be doing and what you are doing.

Produce concentrates (like this apple above) give you more matter, that matters! 

Produce concentrates (like this apple above) give you more matter, that matters! 

Plant powders and produce concentrates provide a new way, new standard and new category in health food.  Plant powders and produce concentrates area a simple, safe, and scientifically proven way to help bridge one's daily produce gap. Juice PLUS+ has been the global pioneer and leader in produce concentrates since 1993.

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