Growing Cash Flow: Innovate or Duplicate?

Are you an innovator or a duplicator?

There’s no right or wrong answer. It is good, however, to know which one you are to create financial success.

Innovators create and develop ideas and processes, and then surround themselves with competent people to carry them out. Innovation takes a skill set, creative thinking, right timing, and resources. Successful innovators are the minority, which is why many businesses fail within the first three years. What stands between innovation and impact is “Growth”.

Duplicators are all about the “Growth” of an innovation, growth of an enterprise. Duplicators see a proven path, plug into a system, duplicate it over and over, and surround themselves with competent people who successfully duplicate. If you veer from the system too much, you become an innovator, which can stop your growth. If you stick to the system, you'll get the proven results.

Successful duplicators are the majority, which is why the HFA system works. HFAs duplicate the sales and marketing of tried and proven innovative health food. Do this (sales & marketing), get that (income). Wash, rinse, repeat.

What stands between the status-quo and a breakthrough is innovation (personal or business). What stands between growing (your) cash flow or retaining a cash crunch is duplicating sales and marketing around innovation that is already working.

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