Emerging entrepreneurs

The language we use to talk about something speaks loudly about how we think about that thing. It was a watershed moment when the insurance industry renamed death insurance to life insurance. In 2016, the World Bank (WHO) has eliminated the term “Developing Country” from its vocabulary. The change marks an evolution in thinking about the geographic distribution of poverty and prosperity in our world. Malaysia is more like the U.S. now than Malawi…and so on. "Advanced & Emerging” markets is their new lingo.  Indeed, the world has changed and it is wide open for independent enterprise like never before in history.

All “Developed & Advanced” Health Food Agencies, started out as “Developing & Emerging” Agents. In my experience, Health Food Agents who go on to own thriving Health Food Agencies, operate with a “Prosperity" mindset. Whereas, most people have a scarcity (poverty) mindset. How do you view the world… through prosperity or scarcity sunglasses. Millionaires are being created everyday and chances are, they own their own business.

The world is open for business, perhaps today is the day you choose to become an “Emerging” entrepreneur and become a Health Food Agent. healthfoodagents@gmail.com