Top 10 Goods Criteria

Here are the "Top 10 Goods Criteria" that can be used to evaluate products.  Below each criterion, you can see how HFA stacks up.  The criteria are based on timeless and essential metrics: Simple, safe, sensible, evidenced-based, sustainable, scalable, special, soul, successful, solution.

1. Simple: By design, is easy to understand? 

"Simple can be harder than complex.  You have to work really hard to keep you thinking clean and to keep it simple.  But it’s worth it in the end because when you get there you can move mountains". Steve Jobs

2. Safe:  Has its safety been verified by a 3rd party? 

Our health food is NSF Sports Certified and safely used by pregnant women, professional athletes and cancer patients.

3. Sensible: Does it appeal to common sense? 

Everyone agrees on the problem (We don't eat enough whole foods). We elevate common sense with a food-based support.

4. Science: Does it have a clinically published body of efficacy?

Our health food stands alone as the most clinically researched, peer-reviewed and published, brand name health food products, in the world.  Ask to see it.

5. Sustainable: Is it built to last?  Is it timeless? 

We provide hygienic, habitual, and daily health food consumables. The need for this will never go away.

6. Scalable: Does it provide a way to create income beyond my own output? 

We provide an tried and proven option to grow your income beyond your own work.

7. Successful: Is it tried, proven and poised for future growth? 

With a near 50-year track record and the fastest growing health food products in their categories, HFAs are the most prolific 5, 6, and 7 figure earners in our industry.

8. Special: What distinguishes it and makes it unique?

We represent a global leader and category pioneer in health food. Our solutions stand alone. We provide a competitive advantage for independent contractors.

9. Support: Who are you going into business with? 

Who you partner with is critical path to your success… Interview us!

10. Synergistic: Does it align well and support the work you do? 

We work best with those who seek to inspire health living around the world.

REVIEW our health food PIONEER as an intro to the HFA health food referenced above.

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