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Welcome! We look forward to a simple, joyful, and built-to-last relationship with you. As potential partners, we invite you to connect and interview us! Who you lock arms can amplify your success. We live in Denver, CO and are proud parents of three daughters. We have worked with medical, health, fitness, and athletic professionals for over 15 years. However, moms on a mission are the most powerful and dangerous in a really great way.

Toni and Jeff bring twenty years of experience as healthy living ambassadors, agents, and agency owners. They have pioneered and lead an international team of health food agents. Our tribe: and your partner:

Toni Olson bio: Co-founder, Healthy Living Agency. She is a health coach and international marketing director with the Juice PLUS+ Company. She is a two-time Elton Award nominee and featured “Mom on a Mission” on product, business and Children's Health Study videos. Toni's passion is to help people take responsibility for their own health, wealth and vitality. More specifically, Toni loves helping parents get their families eating well. Toni says, “Health is a learned skill and one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the gift of health.” Prior, Toni served as international sales and marketing director for the Park City Chamber of Commerce. Also, Toni worked for the United States Olympic Committee, in France, during the 1992 Winter Olympic Games (where she and Jeff met). Prior, she helped coordinate international conferences for Tufts University in Talloires, France. Toni received a double degree from Tufts University; International Relations and Nutrition. In addition, she is a certified health coach and wellness educator. View more:

Jeff Olson bio: Co-founder, Healthy Living Agency. Former professional athlete, Wall Street, and technology careers. Now, a #DadOnAMission. Sports. Money. Tech. Health. Basically, I was transport for testosterone in my 20s and 30s. Overtraining ended my professional athletic career. Ambition drove me to Wall Street. Desire, to win fast, sucked me into technology. I made money, lost money, built character and learned humility. I came to realize having a boss and being an employee didn’t work for me. A mentor taught me a better way. At that point, I knew what I wanted, however, my blindspots gave me plenty of learning. I was humbled, in great ways. Today, as a 1099 (healthy living) agency owner with a full benefits package… I count my blessing every day. My job is to pay it forward. Philanthropically, I serve on the council of directors for Dr. David Katz's True Health Initiative and the Heuga Center Endowment. You can Google and view my two TED talks (An Olympic Why and Victory Gardens). #BeABlessing #BetterTogether #OwnIt View More: and personal site:

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