Healthy Living Action

You and a competitor are each given a bucket of 100 oysters which contain 3 wild pearls and 7 cultured pearls.  The wild pearls are worth $1,000,000 each. The cultured pearls are worth $100,000 each.  Ready, set go!  3 shucks in, your competition finds a wild pearl.  62 oysters in, they find all 10. You don't find your first pearl until #33 and it takes you until the 93rd oyster to discover 10 pearls. Either way... You both made $3,700,000.  Problem is... Most quit when they see others winning "faster" than they do and they forget the pearls are there... you just need to keep shucking.

HFAs understand all possibility occurs within conversation.  To elevate impact and income, stay in conversation with the world.  Our job is to serve, shine the light on others and discover if our agency is a good fit with people's pursuits.