One of the Best Tech Breakthroughs in Health Food

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As an innovator, Steve Jobs was very disruptive. Incremental innovation makes old things better. Disruptive innovation makes new things, that makes old things obsolete.  History will mark the debut of the smart phone - iPhone as the day computers and the Internet became handheld.

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What would Steve Jobs have created if he had been in the health food industry? He would have challenged the status-quo and created a new standard in health food. Similar to the introduction of iPhone, history will mark the debut of produce concentrates - Juice PLUS+ as the day (health) food technology made the multi-vitamin obsolete. Read here: matter, matters.

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Many consider the Juice PLUS+ Company the Apple of health food.  Apple delivered a new way (digital music), a new standard (smart phones), and a new category (tablets,).  Juice PLUS+ delivers a new way (functional food), a new standard (plant powders/oils), and a new category (produce concentrates).

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Consumption: Plant powders/produce concentrates (Complete/Juice PLUS+) are a healthy food-first approach to filling in dietary gaps vs. the multi-vitamin (fractionated nutrients). Think different. Production: Harvesting vine ripened produce that is beyond organic is a competitive advantage for Juice PLUS+ (view farm fresh approach). Distribution: Apple pioneered online music distribution. The Juice PLUS+ Company has pioneered health food distribution with a network franchise which scales market penetration with field agents/agencies.  This approach empowers relational enterprise with no territories, no production minimums and health care benefits to agency owners. Think different.

Great innovations keep it simple.

Great innovations keep it simple.

In their respective industries, both Apple and the Juice PLUS+ Company are best in class.  They are focused on delivering consumption simplicity, production excellence, and distribution novelty.

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Apple has one of the largest market capitalizations in the world.  The Juice PLUS+ Company is private and one of the most successful health food companies in the world.  Business and industry experts acknowledge, both companies are REVOLUTIONARY.

Hygienic health food

Hygienic health food


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