Health, Wellness & Fitness Professionals

Elevating outcomes & income as Health Food Agents

Elevating outcomes & income as Health Food Agents


Improving outcomes and income is good. Raising client results and your income is win-win. More meaning, more money. Greater value, greater compensation. That possibility always exists for you.  Its probability expands as you expand.


Profits are better than wages.  Getting business is good but retaining business is really good. Retaining clients pays much more than acquiring them. Elevating impact and income is good. Whether employee or entrepreneur, the invitation is towards higher ground.


Health, wellness, and fitness professionals [HWF pros] are service workers and their services revolve around elevating healthy outcomes for people. Unfortunately, most feel overworked and underpaid. If they don’t work, they don’t get compensated. For service workers, the only way to get paid more is to work more.  For service workers, only more is more.  Less is not more.  For service-based HWFpros seeking a better way, perhaps it is time to acknowledge a basic fundamental that is not usually embraced by service workers: Goods, Services, and Partnerships is Good business.


People market things they love, all the time, by word of mouth, "I love my iPhone, you would love one too".  Word-of-mouth marketing is not a new idea and more and more companies are willing to compensate people to share their story at a tribal level.  Instead of paying advertisers and retailers they pay people (1099 independent contractors) around the world. If you believe in something, being compensated for recommending it makes sense.  A hard goods company (i.e. Nike) can pay advertisers and retailers without compensating their loyal customer fans who wear and recommend Nike.  Alternatively, a hard goods company (JPC) can, instead, reward their raving consumer fans for sharing their story with people [as HFAs].  Real estate, insurance, and Health Food Agents simply get paid to recommend what they believe in.

GOOD GOODS: Use these "TOP 10 GOODS CRITERIA" to elevate your due diligence.  Save time, money, and stress with an proven evaluation criteria and see how we/HFA stack up.


When Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals become Health Food Agents they partner with one of the most successful health food companies in the world. This partnership includes:

  • Tried, proven, and simple solution to a big problem.
  • Innovative product categories that make old ones obsolete.
  • Global leader in health food ($600 million annually).
  • Most widely consumed product, of its kind, in the world.
  • Product leadership in the fastest growing health food categories.
  • One of the highest customer retention rates in the industry (used daily).
  • Children receive FREE product (via largest health study of its kind).
  • Most clinically research, peer reviewed, and published health food product globally.
  • Created more 5 & 6 figure income earning agents than anyone else in its industry.
  • Whoever shared this information with you is a vested partner in your success and fulfillment. 


Belief changes everything.  For HWF pros, clarity around this elevates and perpetuates their impact and income. Finding goods to believe in (as much as your services) is rare.  Finding partnerships that are built to last is ever rarer.  This is the treasure hunt. Having some navigation tools and an effective evaluation process alleviates wasting time, money and stress.

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