Rethinking Cash Sponsorships in the Gig Economy

Get paid as you walk the talk of health.

Get paid as you walk the talk of health.

Cash sponsorships, if you can get 'em, will be fleeting. Most get "produce/schwag" which does not pay the bills. Sponsors pay cash for one thing. This one thing works, because marketing works.  It moves people and puts points on the board (financially) for sponsors. Sponsors buy,  "Influence".

Influencers (i.e. Athletes, etc.), who can get sponsor income, "RENT"out their influence.  If you are unable to get cash, that does not mean you don't have influence. Social media has leveled the (influential) playing field and allows influencers to "OWN" their influence with a #1099 enterprise in the free agent or gig economy.


Not all influencers think like entrepreneurs (athletes in business). For example, bodybuilding athletes in the bikini, figure, physique, and fitness divisions (bodybuilding division is too big), are all walking billboards of vibrant, visual (physical) health. In an economy that spends trillions on health, annually, you would expect many would be making bank.  Nope. In sport, life, and enterprise, there is a bell curve where most don't, but a few do.  Those who do, think differently.


Rethinking Sponsorships

If the objective of sponsorships is cash flow, there are better ways to get on the right side of the financial bell curve. Success leaves clues.  If you are dissatisfied with your cash flow results from sponsorships, it seems worthwhile to investigate cash flow success among influencers. We invite your deeper discovery on our Sponsorship PLUS+ [S+] approach. S+ taps into the trillion dollar health industry, partners with a billion dollar health food company, and provides a Gig that delivers sustainable 5&6 figures annually. Here are some athlete influencers (bodybuilding) who are winning with S+ [including a Performance advantage].  Here is an interview with former a Mr. Universe on its merits.

Agent/Agency Influence

The agent/agency model is a simple way for influencers to be commercially effective.  Affiliate marketing uses an agent model.  A Network Franchise uses both an agent & agency model. Owning an agency (real estate, insurance, sports, etc.) gives those agents, who think differently, a way to own a boutique business and revenue share with other agents.  It allows you to empower a team and grow income beyond your own capabilities. Influencers who own it...take a stand, stake their claim, and scale it... Make money.

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We invite you to tap into the trillion dollar health industry and learn more about our health food (and how it's different), becoming a Health Food Agent, and owning a Health Food Agency.  HFAs are on track to surpass $1billion, annually, by 2020.  We invite you to join us.

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View our interview Jeff Taylor, CEO of NPC Colorado and MuscleQuest CLICK HERE

Sponsorship innovation with Jeff Taylor

Sponsorship innovation with Jeff Taylor

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[Contributor: Jeff Olson is a two-time Olympian, three-time national champion and former professional athlete.  He is a leading expert around human performance nutrition. As an athlete, he had the good fortune of cash sponsorships. He is a co-creator Sponsorship PLUS+ and owns a successful health food agency (for over 15 years).]