Jacob Collier: Musical Genius, Generational Jedi

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A wise man once said, “Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance”. Jacob Collier obliterates the tyranny of conventional thinking (in this case, of music) and elevates the mesmerizing beauty of nuance. He is a refreshing avatar for what is possible... #Imagine, listen, learn, and experience his passion.

He is a young gun, whos’ laying it down with all the power of youth…. #Inspiring. The future will always be bright with this kind of unbridled passion and voracious talent. This kind of clean and pure "Joy found in effort" is what fuels and enduring and playful obsession to master something... sport, art, career, skill, etc. This week I was introduced to Jacob Collier. He is a musical genius whose musicality is stunning. A pure blessing. As an MIT graduate says, "He makes me believe in the divine." A once-in-a-lifetime maestro who can teach any person, profession, or passion about how to master your craft and contribute to something bigger than yourself.

Collier is a musical genius, instrument viruoso, and philosophical jedi… Collier sings with amazing depth and range. He sings all the acapella voices on his albums. He plays guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, autoharp, dulcimer, both electric and double bass, and drums… just to name a few. He won 2 Grammys by the age of 22. He will win Oscars, be honored at Lincoln Center, and celebrated at Royal Albert Hall (already has a bit), etc. Until then, enjoy. He’s 25 now.

Jacob educating, empowering, and inspiring MIT students:

Jacob supports and serves up another rising star Daniel Caesar:

Covering Classics:

Original Work:


Jacob addressing MIT students, “What my mom did is recognize that I had some kind of weird brain that was very thirsty and very inventive and quite emotionally mature and presented lots of different things to me. Like, this is Bach. This is Stravinsky. This is Bartok. This is Britain. This is Earth, Wind, and Fire. This is Bobby McFerrin. This is Sting... Those are like a lot of my heroes growing up. And I wasn't told to do anything with them. I was just told to enjoy them. She used to do things like turn on the vacuum cleaner or, as we say in the UK, the Hoover and plug it in and it would go [VACUUM SOUND] and she would say, Jacob, what note does that feel like? This is when I'm two, two years old. I was like, G? yeah, that's a G. Really, the biggest gift I was given as a child was a space and the affirmation to create in it. And I was never, ever taught to practice ever. I was never taught to practice. And people don't believe that. No, no way, they say... where's the discipline? It's funny because it's true… but people have an idea of how to learn and how to teach that I think is horrifically out of date”.

Read the book “The Talent Code” by Dan Coyle. In it he speaks to Jacob’s passion as a kind of “Rage to Master” that must exist to grow talent. FYI parents, you cannot impart it to your children. They discover it froms the heavens, peers, coaches/mentors, or life experience… but not parents.

View the most watched TED Talk of all time speak to killing or ampligying this kind of creativity and learning… Sir Ken Robinson’s “Do School’s Kill Creativity”?

Jaco’bs website: www.jacobcollier.com

His FB page: https://www.facebook.com/JCollierMusic/

His latest release: Djesse Vol. 2 https://music.apple.com/us/album/djesse-vol-2/1471964051

Dear Jacob, please come to Denver in 2020. Cheers… #intothelight