How to be a Man in a Women's World

Here are the Top 10 things I've learned from women in business.

Here are the Top 10 things I've learned from women in business.

Testosterone drove my sport, money and tech careers. Overtraining ended my professional athletic career, ambition drove me to Wall Street, and a desire to make money fust sucked me into the Dot Coms. I was providing for my family but not being a very good patriach for my family. I am in the health food business today because of my wonderful wife and because 100% testosterone left me unfulfilled.

I work mostly with women and have three daughters. I swim in estrogen. Women have taught me more about business, good work, leadership, success, and fulfillment than men (except for a few good men). Here are just a few things I've learned from the business women in my life:

  1. Health & Abundance is great enterprise
  2. Nurturing & Sharing is great enterprise
  3. Humility & Empathy is great enterprise
  4. Vulnerability is great enterprise
  5. Listening is great enterprise
  6. Letting go is great enterprise
  7. Loving on 'em is great enterprise
  8. Collaborating is great enterprise
  9. All the above is built to last
  10. All of the above is manly work too

As for being a man in a women's business, I've learned to do all of the above with grace filled testosterone. I guess they call that being a real man. In addition, I am now confident in my own inner estrogen (guys it's in all of us). I don't always get it right and the women keep showing me how to roll... higher and into the light. One male colleague shared recently...

man up career.jpg

People occassionally stumble of the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened. Churchill

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