Matter or Molecules: A Dietary Duh


Eat more plant matter or eat a bunch of molecules, everyday?  The answer seems obvious.  Would you rather nourish your body with the compounding effect of matter that matters or a milligram, mash-up of molecules?

The "Multi" was a 20th Century invention to prevent disease states (berri-berri, scurvy, rickets, etc.) caused by malnutrition.  The multivitamin has never had anything to do with optimal health.  It is has always been the nutritional equivalent of the minimum wage (perhaps even harmful).  The plant kingdom is where the multi industry goes to extract, isolate, and compartmentalize its molecules.  Why not consume from the source instead? Duh. Plant Powders are a new dietary standard in the 21st Century.  Supplemental, functional food.  They embody mother nature's matter: vitamins, minerals, fiber, anti-oxidants, enzymes, p-biotics, and thousands of phytonutrients.  Plant powders are a health food technology that opens up a back to the future way to help bridge your daily (produce) gaps. Comparing, pricing, or equating, produce concentrates to a multivitamin is a common blind spot (until a distinction is made).

Whole foods, plant-based anything is the latest food, diet and nutritional "Pop" topic.  A hip hop cover of a timeless standard.  Rediscovering the obvious is the next, new thing.  Ultimately, anything that re-purposes the truth, with novelty, is a good thing.  Produce, produces... and plant powder shakes and produce concentrates are tried and proven innovations that help bridge the gap between what you know and what your daily do.

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