What is a 1099 Agency in the Gig PLUS+ Economy?


Hustle says, “’l’ll do it”. Hubris says, “I got it”. Humility says, “I am better… together, with others”. You do it, you got it… has a limit. Gigs have a glass ceiling. Deep down you know more meaning and money comes from plugging in with others and being a part of something bigger than yourself. The Gig Economy creates “Me Money” extra income but the upside is limited.

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limited income

Zero leverage created

The Gig PLUS+ Economy creates both “ME + WE Money”. The PLUS+ contains leverage. Financial leverage… Which means being able to own income that is larger than your own personal output. Gig PLUS+ provides collaborative profit sharing. It is the difference between an Agent vs. an Agency Owner.

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Here are a few defining things about owning a great business.

  1. The goal of business is to create raving customer fans. I’ve never found a better definition. Raving = Loves it. Customer = Buys it. Fan = Shares about it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  2. Goods & Services is good business. If you offer services, find goods that elevate your services. If you offer goods, deliver services that elevate your goods. #Synergy 1 + 1 = 3

  3. The Information Age has democratized owning modern means of production.

Modern Means of Production

Old-school means of production from classic economics include: land, labor, and capital. Owning modern (soft) means of production include: tribes, technology, and partners.

Tribes = Land: Tribes function like land as that they provide raw materials (demand) and dedicated space (kindred community) to build the motherload of all real estate… location, location, location = community, community, community.

Technology = Labor: Technology functions like productive labor allowing you to do more (work) with less (labor).

Partners = Capital: Partners are human capital and they deliver leverage. Partners are one of the greatest (and most underutilized) means of production leverage. #Collaboration is a competitive advantage.

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