From Door-to-door to a Billion Dollar Company

Pioneers in health food consumption, production and distribution.

Pioneers in health food consumption, production and distribution.

Do a billion in sales, with one product, going door to door (in the 1970s)... check.  Do another billion in direct sales with a different product (in the 1980s)...check.  Do it a third time, with a third product, and do $11+ billion (and counting) in sales via network franchises (from 1993 on)...check.  Launch a fourth product, that breaks sales records, and is on track to be your next billion dollar product...check.

As a school teacher, Jay Martin believed in education. As a pots and pans salesperson, Jay understood the merits of building personal relationships.  As an entrepreneur, he knows innovation adds value and elevates impact/income.  Today, his global health food company is one of the most successful in the world:

  • Momentum: Will cross a billion in sales, annually, by 2020.
  • Leadership: Pioneers in health food consumption, production, and distribution.
  • Entrepreneurship: Distribute through 1099 health food agents/agencies.
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Global leader in plant powders

Gaining customers is good.  Retaining them is better.  Having raving customer fans who share their experience is best.  As simple, super food we help bridge daily dietary (plants) gaps. People try our health food because it makes sense: plant powders. They keep using it because it becomes a hygienic, daily habit on par with brushing/flossing. Many health food agents have people who have been customers for decades.  Higher impact, higher income.


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Video below shares how how the last 20 years lays the foundation for the next 20 years.