What is a Network Franchise?

Network Franchise is a modern mashup of various business models

Network Franchise is a modern mashup of various business models


The world is changing.  The way people are compensated is changing. The Network Franchise (enterprise) has helped HFAs become the most prolific 5&6 figure income earners in the health food industry.  #FOMO.  A one-minute explanation from a HFApro.

One HFApro story... Sports. Money. Tech. I was all alpha in my twenties and thirties. Transport for testosterone. Overtraining ended my professional athletic career. Ambition drove me to Wall Street. Desire to win fast, sucked me into the Dotcom bubble.  I made money, lost money, and built character. I realized having a boss and being an employee didn’t work for me.  A mentor taught me how being a (health food) entrepreneur was like being an athlete in business.  Instantly, I knew what I wanted but had no idea what being an entrepreneur involved. #Blindspots. The HFA Network Franchise became my teacher.

A healthy business revolution is at hand.  Revolution is when the nature and power of distribution, shifts.  Today, the nature and power of "enterprise" distribution is shifting back to individuals.  The old and new economy reward the same enduring things...Value & Relationships.  With a HFA Network Franchise you can build it fun, fast and built to last like never before.  #MakeItYours

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