Shareholder vs. Stakeholder: A false choice in a fake war

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Recently, the WSJ Business Roundtable discarded the later 20th Century ideology of maximizing profits for “Shareholder” as the overarching goal goal of a company. Replacing it, is the back to the future ideology of maximizing value to all “Stakeholders”. Duh! This is what good and great companies have always done.

The Shareholder vs. Stakeholders debate is not new. Up until the 1980s, most CEOs felt a paternal responsibility to take care of their employees and community too (along with investors). In the 1980s, the “Greed is Good” meme amplified by the addition of 24-hour (financial) news pushed forward CEOs who were extracting every-last-drop of short-term profit for only “my precious” shareholders.

Today, the apparent #Wokemedia is just catching up to the timeless, tried and proven, back to the future thinking that #AllStakeholders matter…. which is neither revelatory nor new. It is, however, the obvious choice if you choose to stand at the convergence of #MoneyAndMeaning.


The Shareholder vs. Stakeholder debate is a false choice if you want to play the long game and deliver enduring value over time. #BuiltToLast. At our Healthy Living Agency #1099agency we democratize "equity ownership" for the worker (stakeholder owner) and the investors (shareholder owner) and both love it! We'll cross a billion annually in sales in 2020... And with a global retention rate of 98% across our field leadership, the result is we've one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry. We are also the only company, I’m aware of, that offers a full-benefits package (including health-care) to its #1099agents. Purpose-driven, people-driven, and profit-driven. TripleBottomLine.

investor-shareholder OWNER

worker-stakeholder OWNER

customer-buyer OWNER


We take the best and discard the rest from these 4 approaches

We take the best and discard the rest from these 4 approaches

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