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Success leaves clues. For 40 years, Tony Robbins has helped people create breakthroughs.  When it comes to business, Tony says, “In our business mastery class, one of my goals is to get people to NOT go into business.  Most people are not made for it.  Below are the results, or headwind, businesses face upon opening their doors:

  • After 1 year, 50% are out of business
  • After 5 year,  80% are out of business
  • After 10 year, 96% are out of business (Only 4% make it and that doesn’t mean they are making any meaningful money).

Tony says, “MLM is different… What is beautiful about Network Marketing [NM]  is: What you DON’T have to do, what you actually do and who you become.  Don’t. Do. Become. 

  • What is beautiful about NM… you don’t have to spend your time and money on product innovation, manufacturing, supply chain, quality control, regulation, packaging, hiring, firing, retention, payroll, accounts receivable, IT, security, etc(Don’t)
  • What is beautiful about NM is finding goods and services that cannot be thrown up on Amazon.  They need their story to be told. (Do)
  • What is beautiful about NM is the person (the entrepreneur) and leader you become as you scale your enterprise beyond yourself and create breakthroughs for others. (Become)

Tony goes on to say to be successful in NM, “You must find an extraordinary company…”.  Disregard this advice at your own peril.  How do find an extraordinary NM company?  It requires extraordinary luck (blessing) or an extraordinary “Evaluation Criteria” for sorting, distinguishing and choosing.

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