Male PTs: Six figure smack talk

#manUP and own a health food agency. Watch   VIDEO HERE .

#manUP and own a health food agency. Watch VIDEO HERE.

Smack Talk (noun). 1. speech intended to bug, irritate, or annoy someone.

To male personal trainers  

Smack talk: Female PTs (i.e. girls) are kicking your (male) ass in this area.  Watch the video above. If the video does not create intrigue, for you, move on.  Six-figure question: Do you believe helping people eat better is part of your missionSmack talk: You don't personally know (at least) five PTs, earning six figures, helping people eat better. Six-figure question: Would being mentored by PTs, who do, helpSmack talk: We've helped more PTs earn 5,6&7 figures than any other health food company in the world.  Six-figure, smack question: Are you going to #manUP and take our HFA 3-hour Challenge (3hr. commitment)? Smack talk: The bell curve of life says... odds are you won't.  Smack back: Your move. 

Own a Health Food Agency: 3-hour Challenge

Day 1 - Phone interview with a six-figure HFA (30 min.).

Day 2 - You: Homework (1 hour).

Day 3 - Q&A phone chat with HFA mentors (30 min.).

Day 4 - You: Homework (1 hour).

Day 5 - Optional - Talk smack, challenge, and question us to see if you want to work with with us. 

To take the HFA 3hr. Challenge, connect with a HFA or email us at