Human Performance Nutrition

Blind Spot in Sports Nutrition (intro)

"There is no such thing as over training, only under recovery". Dr. Allen Lim.

Human Performance Nutrition is a higher form of sports nutrition because it fuels for physiological performance first, sports performance second.  Traditional sports nutrition is focused on carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  Game day nutrition, fueling for sport specific needs (i.e. endurance, body building, etc.) or ideologies (i.e. paleo) consume the narrative. This relegates nutritional impact down to the two traditional pillars: (1) Fueling for energy (2) Building matter. The blind spot in sports nutrition is pillar #(3) ____?

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Fit Pros: Eat well, Move well

Movement matters.  Matter matters. #Together

Movement matters.  Matter matters. #Together

Personal trainers and gym owners embrace our simple, safe, tried and proven, food first approach.  If your "Eat well" income is not equal to or greater than your "Move Well" income, we invite you to learn what thousands of your peers are doing around the world.

Food for thought:

  1. Do you believe physiological performance is elevated by great food?
  2. Daily food-first support (i.e. supplemental food and how it’s made).
  3. Do you value published efficacy (i.e. largest worldwide).
  4. Proven programs (Shred10, Transform30 or Children's Health Study).
  5. Do you want to lead others and get paid well for it.

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personal trainer and health food agency owner who earns seven figures a year.


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  1. Simple: Farm fresh food
  2. Safe: GMP and NSF certified
  3. Sense: Fruits & vegetables
  4. Science: Broad published efficacy
  5. Stable: Built to last
  6. Success: Tried and proven
  7. Solution: Recommended worldwide
  8. Stewardship: Children’s Health Study

*See: Top 10 evaluation criteria

Goods & Services is good business.  A personal trainer's story: 


athletes as entrepreneurs

PERFORM: Physiological Performance

OWN: Ownership of Influence

LEAD: Agency Leadership

S+ interview with 2 bodybuilders

S+ interview with 2 bodybuilders

sponsorship plus+ HFA owners

Three-time Olympic Champion (Rebecca Soni) and World Champion (Ariana Kukors)

Olympic Champion, Shannon Miller