Entrepreneurial Questions: The Trifecta

Most people don't own their own business because they believe to succeed you need an idea, money and skills.  Most people believe they must invent a "Good and/or Service" before they can launch their own business.  Can I do it?  Ability aside, their belief is often fueled by the magnitude of their great idea.  Will it work?  90% of all startups fail... This Forbes article nails it: click here.  Is it worth it? Owning the American Dream is the invitation, however, most can't even imagine how to access this higher ground.

Higher ROI: A $50 investment activates a HFA business.  The business risk of a great product is gone as a HFA.  All the (Can I do it?) necessary skills are taught and learned (you are not born with them) within the collegial HFA community.  Will it work?  HFAs make all the issues mentioned in the above Forbes article disappear.  HFAs are the most prolific 5,6 & 7 figure income earning agents of any health food company in the world.  Is it worth it?  HFA Leadership (i.e. #hfaPROs) coach and mentor newly launched HFAs to feel deeper, think bigger, see farther and work higher...and earn more!  Become an HFA... Join us today!