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Eat healthy food, every day. That is a good thing. If people choose to eat your heatthy food every day, that is good for them and good for you. Gaining customers is good business. Retaining them is better.  Raving customer fans who share their experience, word of mouth, is great business.  We have one of the highest customer retention rates in the health food industry. As simple, super food we help bridge daily dietary (plants) gaps.

People try our health food because it makes sense: plant powders. They keep using it because it becomes a hygienic, daily, healthy habit on par with brushing/flossing. Many health food agents have had the same customers for decades.  Higher impact, higher income.

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Produce Concentrates

Health Food Agents partner with one of the largest buyers of fruits and vegetables in the world. They procure beyond organic (i.e. QC tested) produce. They harvest, freeze, transport, juice, dry, crush, quality control, certify, and mix produce powders into fruit, vegetable, and berry blends and shakes.  Their produce concentrates stand without peer in the industry.

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Produce concentrates are not a vitamin, not a mineral, not an enzyme, phytonutrient, or specific cocktail of fragmented nutrients.  Produce concentrates contain all of the above because they are matter, that matters (i.e. produce powders). Produce concentrates should have an FDA - Food Label vs. a FDA - Supplement Label. A food label will distinguish that it is a food, however, the "Nutrition Facts" label will look very unimpressive.  There is no way to list everything contained in a fresh whole clean apple (see image below).  It is exactly the same of produce concentrates.

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Produce concentrates are health food technology and a design shift away from traditional supplements.  They are a back to basics, food-first approach and replace the multi-vitamin as a "New standard".  They are not a replacement for eating the daily minimum servings of fruits and vegetables.  For health, fitness, and performance, they are an tried and proven way to bridge the gap between what you know you should be doing and what you are doing.

Produce concentrates (like this apple above) give you more matter, that matters!

Produce concentrates (like this apple above) give you more matter, that matters!

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