This GOAT mentors our  HFA Crew  and our #  MasterClassRoom

This GOAT mentors our HFA Crew and our #MasterClassRoom

This GOAT (above, middle), in the Gig Economy, mentors and partners with independent contractors. JR has mentored and partnered with more 5, 6, & 7 figure earners than anyone in the industry. He is the greatest of all time in his industry. He has also helped pioneer a new class of agent and entepreneur, the #agentrepreneur. Today, his #1099Agency earnings are over $100+ million counting.

As a broke waiter, JR was hungry for a better way. Today, he is an icon who mentors (HFA) ambassadors, agents, and agency owners. At HFA, we are proud to call JR our friend, mentor, and ski buddy!

Perhaps, what you already know is preventing you from bigger things

  • Asking, seeking for a better way?

  • Curious to grow “ME” (solo) to “WE” (collaborative) income?

  • Participate in HFA’s Master ClassRoom with the GOAT (JR)

1099 Agency owners: A few from our HFA Crew (click on image to see more)

JR and HFA attribute our success to being #BuiltToLast. Being the GOAT (or any successful & fulfilled HFA) comes from settling into an enduring enterprise. Building something meaningful, that stands the test of time, has a few core attributes: 1) Thriving Culture 2) Pioneering Offerings 3) Partnering in Enterprise 4) Hustling Effort 5) Growing Bravery. Lather, rinse, repeat. JR and HFA work with the Apple Inc. (healthy living) and they only work through #1099 independent - free agents.

Ambition needs a vehicle that is built to last

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Possibility occurs in a conversation

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Inspire hearty minds, brave hearts, and joyful spirits.

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