Global leader since 1993

Gaining customers is good.  Retaining them is better.  Having raving customer fans who share their experience is best.  We have one of the highest customer retention rates in our industry because we offer a better way to bridge daily, dietary gaps with a food-first approach. It's working. Join us!

People try our health food because it makes sense. Hygienic health food. They keep using it because it becomes a daily, hygienic, and healthy habit, like brushing/flossing their teeth. Many health food agents have people who have been customers for over a decade.  Higher impact, higher income.

health food results 

  • Simple: More matter, matters.
  • Safe: Used by Olympic and professional athletes, cancer patients and pregnant women. NSF sports certified.
  • Sensible: Produce is timeless.
  • Science: The most clinically researched 3rd party, peer-reviewed and published, health food product in the world.
  • Stable: Tried, proven, and built to last, since 1993.  A timeless product.
  • Success: Most widely consumed health food of its kind in the world.
  • Steward: Kids receive free product with participation in the largest children's healthy study of its kind in the world.
  • Solution: One of the highest customer retention rates in its industry.
  • Special: A "Think Different" approach to simple health food goods and services.