Jeff Olson, RLT

2-time Olympian, 3-time national champion, Pan-Am Gold Medalist. #DadOnAMission #Agentrepreneur

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My introduction to the category of “Plant Powders” made immediate sense to me. It was simple, food-first, and challenged the status-quo. Athletes are ruthlessly practical and do what works. This works. #mattermatters, #produceproduces

Today, our plant powders are backed by 38 published clinical studies (#1 in world). We are a new standard in conditioning physiological performance (for anyone).

“Food Conditioning” with plant powders delivers a compounding effect. It is a tried, proven, and timelesss principle for long-term physical vigor and physiological durability. #HygienicHealthFood

As a 1099 (healthy living) agency owner with a full benefits package… I count my blessing everyday. My job is to pay it forward. My motivation… #BeABlessing #BetterTogether #OwnIt

Intro to food conditioning with #plantpowders (Go deeper: Click Here) and the athlete/influencer sponsorship game (S+ Click here ).

Urban myths. I had to #thinkbetter (I didn’t know what I didn’t know).

My #adventuretogether into this work.

My journey in this adventure

We all have blind spots…

My excitement. Partnering into next 25 years.

Click on image above to see a few of our HFA Crew

Click on image above to see a few of our HFA Crew

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