We believehealth is one of the greatest gifts we can share.

We believeprivate enterprise builds dreams, wealth and impact.

We envisiona world where people are empowered by good work.

We are passionate aboutinspiring healthy living, leading, and earning around the world.

HFA Manifesto

Health Food Agents are a new breed of entrepreneur. Smart, leaner, faster and free.

Health Food Agents wage guerrilla war on the status quo and win.

Health Food Agents start without being perfect, believe all excuses are equal and bootstrap their impact.

Health Food Agents build private enterprise because their goods serve people not shareholders.

Health Food Agents never bow down to convention and they are not shackled by dumb bosses.

Health Food Agents create value, serve others and puts ethics above commerce.

Conventional wisdom says what Health Food Agents do, does not work...

... And yet, it just keeps working, succeeding and fulfilling people every day.

Health Food Agents live well, lead well, and earn well.

Health Food Agents:

  • Define their destiny

  • Create Empires

  • Build tribes

  • Change lives

Health Food Agents know...

they are just one person away

from making a difference.


Become a HF Agent

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