Day 3 of 30-day launch

Day 3.png
  1. Send 5 invites to your launch call, consult, or to watch a video

  2. Post your favorite recipe (on FB or insta) and ask your friends to comment below with theirs!

  3. Complete Module 3 (below)


1. How do promotions work and what are the levels?  CLICK HERE

2. VIDEO 1: Owning your story + How we get customers (inviting, 3-way calls, launch calls , how to never run out of people to talk to)

3. VIDEO 2: Examples: Our Stories Product/Business

4. VIDEO 3: Scared to talk about the price? How we tell people how much Jp+ costs!

5. How to share JP+ and get customers (click here)

6. Start to "Live the Mission"! Want some inspo on what it looks like to "live the mission"? Click here

My "Cheat Sheet":

cheat sheet.png