Truthiness, Facts, Fake News

Getting down to what matters, matters.

Getting down to what matters, matters.

Oxford Dictionary just released its 2016 word of the year "Post-Truth".  Stephen Colbert calls it "Truthiness" - a quality characterizing a "truth" that a person making an argument or assertion claims to know intuitively "from the gut" or because it "feels right" without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or facts

As a matter of fact, facts a point... as emotions and beliefs often imprison them.  The fact is, facts don't move people.  Fast and furious facts, factoids and fake news click bait us down the rabbit hole of fear.  It’s a fact. Fear is a predator and skepticism often protects us from the wrong things.

Plowing through the cacaphony of information noise, brain trash and fake news is a new thing and wastes a great deal of time.  We stumble over truth (facts), everyday, because we don't see them and it saves us time to quickly pick ourselves up and carry on like nothing ever happened.

When it comes to eating better, let your health food agent earn a relationship with you through education, evidence and facts.  If you don't have one, reach us at And while great relationships are built on much, much more that facts, the fact is, the facts catch up to us sooner or later.  The fact remains and it's a fact.  The heart of the matter is that when it comes to eating well matter, matters.  Food fact for thought...