A New Standard for Healthy Pregnancies

To read the Time Magazine article  click here .

To read the Time Magazine article click here.

America is failing.  The sad fact is that America's infant mortality (world ranking) increased over the last half-century (1960, 12th. 1990, 21st. 2008, 43rd2016, 56th). This escalation is due to our unhealthy lifestyle.  It is the single largest contributing factor to unhealthy babies and children.

The #1 behavioral risk factor of poor health: Unhealthy diet (#2 lack of exercise #3 smoking). While most U.S. women don’t’ smoke or drink during pregnancy they still have a tremendous blindspot when it comes to food, diet, and nutrition during pregnancy.

More Matters: Eat more fruit and vegetables

The chart below represents the high level, summary results of a retrospective study by an OBGYN using plant powders, produce concentrates (JP+).  The physician compared 179 of his pregnant patients (eating JP+ = green bar) vs. 179 of his partner patients (not eating JP+ = red bars). The results are provocative.

OBGYN jp study_odom.jpg


The physician's experience of improving pre-eclampsia pregnancies (with daily consumption of plant powders) was the catalyst for this study.  Pre-eclampsia is a dangerous pregnancy disorder characterized by the onset of high blood pressure and often a significant amount of protein in the urine. It is associated with high free radical activity, elevated blood levels of lipid peroxidation (oxidized fats) and endothelium dysfunction. The foods we eat reduce free radical activity (oxidative stress), reduce oxidation of lipids (and proteins) and improve endothelium function.

The endothelium is the thin layer of cells that line the interior surface of the entire vascular system. In essence, the endothelium serves as the vascular regulator (dilation/constriction) of all blood flow and the placenta is highly vascular. View video below to learn how the endothelium works and what helps it perform.

Science is very clear that the foods people eat impacts (up or down) vascular health and its ability to perform.  In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, these same plant powders, produce concentrates were shown to improve vascular capacity (endothelial performance).

endothelial performance.gif

This growing body of published efficacy supports timeless prescription that food is medicine and directly challenges the prevailing standard of care (the prenatal multi-vitamin). Understandably, these results will not shift the prevailing standard of care in medicine. But, what these results have done help people think differently about their dietary execution. another physician colleague of mine said, “You must be brain dead if this body of evidence doesn’t speak to you."

Mom's bottom line

Eating well during pregnancy (and beyond) is paramount for healthy babies and kids.  Around the world, Moms on a Mission are using daily consumption of produce concentrates to fill in their "produce" gaps.  More matter matters!

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